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Animal jam play Wild

Ce jeu est vraiment trop bien cest hilarant

Snoop dog

Turn the for what

The best game in the world

Awesome game in the world


Its ok


I LUV this game is so fun and awesome and fun but PLEASE add flying animals like a falcon or something . Oh and PLEASE add a few betas like reindeer set for like even a week in the sapphire shop

This game is cool... KINDA LIKE ME!!!!!

Wow great job ajhq!!! You should make it where you can trade dens and animals it would be great and I would rate it 5!

Best game

Best game on my I.pad so far! I give it a thumbs up

Great but

This game is great but it would be really appreciated if you add all the animals and pets from the previous version .also could you make all animals and pets cost gems instead of sapphires. P.s. Try making all the fancy clothes and furniture cost sapphires instead of gems and make this update today or tomorrow please and thank you.

Needs more cool items/animals/ect.

This game is AMAZING! But, the fact that stuff cost so,much in the sapphire is dissappointing... { idk how to spell it x3 } i was also hoping you could fix the fox maybe? Bc every time is does the ballet/hula set, its arms just stick out.... And PLEEEEEEASE add headresses! I would be overfilled with joy if u did that AJHQ! And.. In the next update can u add: kangaroos or arctic foxes or underwater? { mostly underwater } btw, if you added seals/otter/shark ect, and an underwater den WITH underwater.... I would die of joy! { with new den items and clothing like headress plz } thanks for looking at this amd reading! { add underwater and headress PLEASE! I beg u! } Sincerly~ Jammer5gr0d

Im taking away a star

I am taking away a star because I type in my password for one of my AJ Play Wild accounts and it say server doesnt match. After that happens I try typing in my parents email and it says user not found... PLEASE FIX THIS!!!


This is like the best game I have ever played except that it glitches off a lot and glitches like crazy when ur around lots of people

Very enjoyable, fun with friends! But...

They are lousy when it comes to fixing bugs, here are a couple I found annoying: Theres a glitch with the wolf animal where whenever you put on the eyelashes, your eyes close until you take them off, and you cant even see the eyelashes. It just shows on the players own screen though, everyone sees the eyelashes on and the eyes open. Another glitch is when you go to the furniture place and try to look through the catalogs to buy something, the button for it does not come up however close or far you are from the book. Ive tried restarting my iPad, refreshing the game, logging out then back in, and nothing seems to work. Idk if this happens with others, but please fix this issue! Very annoying.

Jammazing !!

I love the game but maybe u should add gifting because its hard giving something to ur buddy with out waiting for them to log on. All in all I loaf the game!!

Fun game

Its a fun game but I do have some suggestions! First of all WHERE DID THE FOXES ONLY PART GO??? It was my favorite party! The next thing is can you guys please add adventures to the game they can even be the originals like the search for Greeley and all that... More animals like pigs, arctic foxes and Eagles! Flying animals would be so cool. More pets and can we please be able to buy some pets like maybe hamsters with gems instead of sapphires??? Theyre really expensive. Thanks you.

Its crashing but I loaf it

Ok this used to be the best game ever but it Keeps CRASHING PLZ FIX THIS AJHQ PLZ I still like it just a thing to say that it crashes 4 all u ppl (Im still giving it a 5-star rating )


I love this game

Animal jam is so good like candy

Animal jam is the most best game of all time but really add some new things like a deer or the aquarium and add the water lands and water animals


Aj is pretty good but please make it like the computer and make the animals like 5 or 10 sapphires Ive been trying to save up for a fox and please make an aquarium

Super Fun!!!

I havent played it long but its really fun and addictive

Ages 9-11 ??

Ages 9-11, kinda reminds of 9/11. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. ANIMAL JAM? MORE LIKE JAM A PLANE INTO THE TWIN TOWERS!

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