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I like it but somethings is wrong

please add a A Christmas theme where Santa comes and gets us gifts please like spikes and stuff please if not Im going to dislike it

Animal jam

I love the game but I wish the guest jammers could free text and plz add cheetahs for gems because Im low on sapphires


Can you please make the pet kittens for non-members? And can you also make where you do not have to pay for a membership, but where you only have to get all the achievements, complete all the non-member adventures, and get at least 5,000 gems? Thank you! I love this game and I would never get rid of it. I love all the games and stuff. And the last thing I want for the new update is that all the pets and animals (not including the clothing) Thank you!


Its pretty ok. I like it. The only problem is the camera. You cant turn it around your character. That aggravates the fire out of me. Fix that and one other thing. We should be able to get sapphires without having to buy them from the store. Fix those and it will be an excellent game.


Hello This game is really fun I just have to say a few things... PLZ AD A CAT!IM BEGING YOU! Thats all sorry if I wasted ur time.

Best game EVER

I only just started playing this morning And Im all ready addicted. The way you get Jems by playing games Its just awesome just Awsome

I will give five stars if....

You guys add kangaroos and make all animals free everyone cant afford to pay!!!!!!!!!

Cool! Except for one thing!

I think the sapphires I was bad because how can anybody get 150 sapphires to get an arctic wolf or remote want to make some animals except to buy them. Aj thats really bad you need to fix this

I like it but I dont know now

This game was nice but this is just getting ridiculous I cant get pet I got suspended in this game I am starting well more than starting to agree with all the bad reviews this game is also very addicting u cant say anything not stuff like the word dumb anyway I tried to get sapphires but would not let me and 10 minutes into the game it logs me out there are 1 million glitches and stop getting new animals it makes the people want to buy but they cant I could go on and on for hours about what is wrong with this picture but I dont have time too so FIX THIS or I delete

Fun to play

Really love this game

Love this game

No glitches at all it will just be your phone the app its self its the best it my 2ed favorite game


Back again with another review/update! AJ, youve done a pretty good job with the new, freer chatting! Id love to be able to type some more facial expressions when you get around to it :) So, with the new update, Ive encountered a few bugs. - First off, most of the items arent animated like normal, such as the Pegasus wings and dragonfly wings. It isnt urgent that these get fixed immediately, its just a heads up. - Secondly, the game has been crashing on me a little too frequently, so I hope this bug can get fixed soon. Overall, the update has been successful! However, just wanted to give you more ideas for the future update :) - More animals, that would be awesome. Dont add domestic cats, keep up with the wild animals! It just makes animal jam seem more "wild" in a sense. - If you could release some of the older beta items or even items that are from the PC version, like headdresses and such, please do! - Adventures! I always go on animal jam for the adventures, so if you could add them, that would be awesome! - Lastly, it would be awesome if we could jammagram other players without them having to be our buddies. It makes it easier for us to message them privately about trades and such where we dont confuse each others messages for someone elses.


Hey guys play wild is an inspiration


So, Im giving up on the sapphire thing, I dont mind anymore. However, I have a new idea!! Adventures!!! It would be so fun to have adventures in Play Wild, and possibly add sapphires as a prize?? I dunno. Just a thought!! :3

Best game

Love the graphics theyre amazing keeping it safe for the kiddies as usual

Love this game but

If u make the pets cost gems I will get the dog make the pets 400 gems please I begin you to do it

Animal Jam-Im torn in my review!

Im torn because I love the game but the "reporting" system has got issues! I understand this game was meant for children but as an adult and someone who enjoys these kinds of games, the idea of this game is fantastic! Being able to trade rare items, beta items, treasure map items and keeping track of all that, is a lot of fun. The downside of that is of course, that it is a childs game and youre dealing with a lot of children and when they want to trade you for something that is of a very high value with something of very little value and you decline their offer yet they continue to ask you over and over and over again to trade for it and as you decline them each time, they get mad and report you as a scammer or file some kind of false report against you because theyre angry and these reports give them a lot of revenge power., because they can hinder your game by just clicking a multiple choice button and not having to give any explanation as to why they are filing this report! Then the consequence of that report is you can have certain privileges of the game taken from you and that is where I have a problem with this game. I have had restrictions put on me twice from false reports being said about me by disgruntled traders. I would like either AJ come up with an adult version of this game or have a better policy for determining restrictions that are given out for reports that come in about other players. In a nutshell, please restructure your reporting system and the dishing out of restriction, as more than likely the report is a false report filed by a disgruntled trader.


This game is a five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to me, Love it!

Best game ever!!

This is an amazing game and I would recommend it to anyone without a computer or who wants to play Animal Jam on the go!!! The graphics are also amazingly impressive! I play this game every day Im riding to school and on my way back home! Great game! Get it now!!!!!

Love this game

I really love this game but they should added some more animals to play with. But has i love it

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